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Frank Tooton


As a respected financial advisor for  over 35 years, I help successful individuals navigate the complexities of wealth management. I use a holistic approach that puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to model the various hypothetical outcomes of your personal financial path, considering your lifestyle and spending habits.

I’m motivated by your success. I work directly with you to provide the tools and education you need to chart your path to a holistically managed personal financial portfolio, not just an investment portfolio. I provide independent and unbiased advice and have many years of expertise helping people achieve the lifestyle and stability they deserve.

Based in Atlantic Canada, I am licensed in AB, BC, NL, NS & ON. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve a level of security and confidence in life’s many financial decisions.

Member of the Registered Deposit Brokers Association.

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Have you ever wondered....How do I takecontrolof my personal finances?

  • 1.5 hours per month on average of your time.
  • I’m an independent financial advisor.
  • Other than a financial planning engagement, let the financial institutions we work with pay my fees.


Focus on what you already have: Your health, your family, and your assets. Eliminate wealth erosion factors as you protect your human and economic life value.


You've heard it before. Pay yourself FIRST. The key is to know how to do this correctly. Let me show you how easy it is to get beyond bothersome budgeting and cash-flow management. Let's get you on a path to save smarter.


Have you earned the right to spend money on investing? Has someone convinced you that investment rate of return is king? Has your advisor explained the drawbacks of common compounding strategies? I'll help you validate your financial decisions before you make them.

We know that what we FOCUS on can GROW. Dedicating about 1.5 hours per month to your money decisions can change your entire financial future.

We see through the myths, marketing, and financial hype to help POSITION you better for financial success and happiness.

We use the best TOOLS in the industry to look at the big picture, what you value, and what’s possible in your life.

For a great HISA (High Interest Savings Account), ongoing higher rates plus additional benefits get in touch!

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