Critical Illness Insurance

Consider situations when your disability insurance may not pay a claim due to a Critical Illness.

Or, when you cannot qualify for disability insurance, consider this option.

Follow the link below for information about Critical Illness Insurance.

Employee Benefits, What's TAXABLE?

The tax deadline has now passed. So as you review & consider your Notice of Assessment, here's a great overview of how to understand your employer's benefits from a tax viewpoint.

Click the link below for some great info from Sun Life.

Employee Benefits: Taxable Or Not? | Sun Life

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A Financial Process beyond Financial Planning

Often times managing our finances seems like a long hard road. Once you have an optimal  process in place and you become more aware of your present financial position, you can begin to enjoy the ride.

I can show you a model that helps you make informed financial decisions, just for you. It's really hard if not impossible for people to "plan" their life and money outcomes; especially to be what they think they want and need for any one point in time. Adapt a more efficient flow process for success to avail of the growth, use and protection of your wealth. All the while you can minimize the erosion factors that you may (or may not) be aware of.

Minimize the influence of just product marketing and hype. Chart your own course by using a truly holistic process that is based on science, as opposed to just opinions of friends, family, corporations and institutions.

Protect what you Own!

Back in the day, valuable possessions(castle, riches, and occupants) were protected by a moat surrounding it all. Today we have advanced practices that can protect what you value, save what you have and expand what you can.

Even in modern times we want to protect what we have.


The NEW 1%
- Individuals who want to use better tools and information to make better financial decisions
- Individuals who want to keep more of their hard earned money
- Individuals who want to learn about the myths of money management
- Individuals who truly value saving their money
- Individuals who will commit to paying themselves first
- Individuals who want to be financially successful
- Individuals who can relate to the phrase “pay it forward”
This means optimizing your present financial position as it relates to: Optimizing your money and benefits to protect your wealth
Some questions to keep in mind before you join the 1%:
- Is keeping, as much of your money as possible, important to you?
- Who is currently making the rules concerning your money matters?
- Would you like to see your wealth grow, not just wait to win the lottery?
- What is the difference between saving and investing money?
- If not you who is going to be responsible for your financial future?
- Will you commit to approximately 12 hours a year focused on managing your money?
If you want more information please provide us with a phone number or email so we can follow-up.

In this blog we will be providing you with some helpful tips that, if followed, can help you save dollars immediately.
Do you know what you are paying your bank on a monthly basis for their services? Why do you pay banking fees? There are banks out there that DO NOT CHARGE a monthly service fee. Do you think this could work for you? Over the course of years those fees add up, e.g. $ 15/mo. invested at 4% over 15 years is approximately $3700 (before tax and any investment fees) of lost opportunity on those fees. What about your credit card? Do you pay off the balance every month? If not now is the time to start, outrageous fees on overdue credit card accounts wastes your hard-earned money. Sometimes the simplest changes are easy. Text me at 902-880-5327 to set up a convenient time to chat with a seasoned and qualified financial advisor, licensed in NL, NS, ON, AB & BC. If you could have made the necessary changes on your own you would have done so. Let me help, call now 1 800-565-1808 for a quick call to discuss your unique situation, no obligation.
Be part of the NEW 1%

The Big Picture -Your Present Financial Position - all on 1 Page !!

How organized do you want to be? How does this approach look to you? Integration & coordination of every financial move.

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Together we can build your unique model to help optimize your Financial Position!